Erin Neel Newton

Visual artist.

Erin Newton is an American contemporary artist whose practice explores the miracle of shared mood reflected in nature, specifically drawing from the Southern Gothic aesthetic. Courting romance, conjuring mystery, and searching for hope, Erin’s ‘Ghost of Little Gem’ series stacks layers out of the depths of darkness and into the light by way of oil paint on larger canvas. For her ‘Negative Space is Positive’ series, Erin’s work is saturated in light, having found that moment of gratitude. With the occasional variation of drying mediums to harness opaqueness and texture, the vehicle of mark making and tone, along with generational subject matter available to the Everyman, help to pinpoint a moment of substantial connectivity that can withstand periods in time where many look to unassuming beauty in nature for peace, shelter, and a little bit of magic. The painterly style is anchored in an effort to punctuate the medium’s organic qualities that contribute to the work as a whole. Erin’s work is inspired by a wide array of impressions left from literature, both prose and poetry, as well as her years growing up on a ranch in Central Texas. She studied studio paint at Texas Tech University. Her work in recent years has been selected for participation in juried selected and nationally ranked art festivals and has caught the attention and partnership of various business projects and endeavors. She lives and works in the North Texas area. A selection of her work is available and on view at Tyger Tyger Gallery in Asheville NC.

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